Special Custom Conversion Options



Applies to

Extra Charge?

Make Companies as Groups ACT! does not have a separate Accounts/Company table, so we can use the Groups table conversions to ACT! No
Convert data into Initial Caps If your NAMES and ADDRESSES are in ALL CAPS, we can put them in Initial Caps All databases No
Sales / Opportunities Import the sales and opportunity features ACT!, Goldmine, Maximizer, SalesForce, SharkWare Yes
Formal Salutations Use the formal salutation versus informal
for example: Dear Mr. Gates
versus: Dear Bill
All database with a Salutation/Dear field No
Your preferred name of the converted data file we make for you We take your database, convert it, and give the result a new name of your choice All databases No
IDStatus/Key field: Which field would you like to be the main identification field.  This may be an account number, or sales stage ACT: Id/Status
Goldmine: Key1
Maximizer: Account
SalesForce: Account
Import Email content files If you have email content files, we can import them but it takes extra work. 
(Note: We are not talking about the email addresses for contacts, which are already included at no charge.)
ACT! .DET files
Goldmine MailBox.DBF
Yes, depending on how many email content files you have

(Note: Email addresses for contacts are included)

Check for duplicates The data file you send us may have duplicates already. We can help you remove them with our special utilities. All databases Yes, depending on how many duplicates there are, by the hour
Customized screen layout We can make a custom designed screen form for your data All databases Yes, by the hour
Your preferred file attachment folder name If you have files (such as Word, Exel, or Powerpoint documents) linked to your contact records, where would you like these to reside after the conversion?  Specify the full path name, for example: C:\ACT\Document\Attach ACT
Yes, depending on how many files you to attach.

Note: we just need the folder name, not the files themselves.

Make contacts public (visible by all users) instead of private
Make activities (calls, meetings, todo's) public, not private

More custom options available upon request