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For Database CleanUp, Combining, CallNot, and Conversion Work Requests
To our Secure Data Center using our Secure Socket Layer form. 

  1. For your protection, we honor a standard Non Disclosure Agreement or one of your own design.

  2. Compute the cost per individual record from our chart of standard hourly fees.

  3. Compress and combine your data files with WinZip or Windows XP (unless it is a Shark.DB)

  4. To send the Zip file, you may use this form, then click SUBMIT to send it to our secure server for conversion.

If this form will not work with your fire wall or for files over 100 megabytes, please use standard FTP or CuteFTP.  Or you can try other methods. As a last resort, put it on a CD or storage device and mail it to our address at 806 North 4th Street, PO Box 1711, Fairfield, Iowa, 52556.   But at least fill out the rest of this form.


Enter your database .ZIP file(s) to upload for conversion (example. MyGoldmineData.Zip).
Click for information on How to Zip.

You can then upload it using the
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Password: data1234

Or, if it is a small file, and you have no firewall, you can upload it by clicking Browse:

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Password: (Optional - if you use one) so we can open and convert your database files


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Phone:   - if we have questions about your data or preferences
Fax:       - to send you a Non Disclosure Agreement
Web site:


Data format converting:
         Example: From: Goldmine 4.0 To: ACT! 7.0 for 2005

Date needed to be finished by:   Rush Overnight ($60 extra)

Special Custom Options: * = extra charge may apply
Make contacts public (visible by all users) instead of private
Make Company table
Convert data into Initial Caps
Sales / Opportunities
Formal Salutations
Your preferred name of the converted data file
Make activities (calls, meetings, todo's) public, not private
IDStatus/Key field:
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Comments, Notes, or Special Requests

Software Serial Number (optional for most conversion)

Please pay at the time of submission for us to proceed
unless you are only submitting the job for an estimate.

Please compute your price from our standard fee chart or call 202-829-4444

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Quoted Fee: $

Payment Methods

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Discount - subtract your overnight mail costs from the Quoted Fee.

Accounting Department
C I Corporation
806 North 4th Street
PO Box 1711
Fairfield, IA 52556
<641-472-5830 or 800-319-3190
Credit Card

Billed upon receipt of quote/estimate

We use the service which does not disclose your credit card number, for your security.
The charge will appear on your credit card bill from "C I CORPORATION"


I am submitting my database for C I Corporation to work on, and agree to pay the quoted fee for the hours worked. I have read and understand the Service Level Agreement. By clicking on Submit, I understand there are no refunds for the time C I Corporation spends working on my behalf.   I am hereby choosing CIC as the best investment to work on an hourly basis, not to exceed the Quoted Fee. CIC will give its best effort to convert as much of the data as possible. The charge for the Quoted Fee is hereby authorized.

____________________________________________ Date _____________
Authorized signature
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Please be sure to wait, and watch the blue progress bar below, until the hour glass disappears,
and "UPLOAD COMPLETE" message in large letters appears below.
It may take many minutes, depending on the size of your file and your internet connection speed. 
Please email or call 202-829-4444 to let us know you have just uploaded the file.
Please include the word "convert" in the subject of your email.

**Destination folder for upload is 'D:\CONVERT', upload size limit is 200000000B.

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